Hoop Parties

Looking for a unique party theme? Whether it’s a birthday or any other reason to celebrate (or for no reason at all!), try a hula-hoop party with Mid-Ohio Valley Hoopla!

Hoop Parties! (8).png

Please note, these parties require an open space; spinning hoops take up a lot of room! A back yard, a park space, or a gymnasium would all work well. Space rental is not included in the package.

Hoop Parties A-la-Carte! 

Check out our menu of party options!

All parties upon request will receive a customized e-file invitation to print or share as desired.

Base Fee (all parties) $85

Hoop-Making Party for Teens/Adults (Ages 13+)  (includes a hoop-making workshop with take-home hoop for guests + 30-minute hooping workshop)

$15/hoop (6-hoop minium)

$10/child hoop add-on  (no minimum)

Hoop-Making Parties for Children (Ages 6-12) (includes a hoop-making workshop with take-home hoop for guests + 30 minutes of hoop games; games may be substituted for workshop for older children)

Note: Wrapping hoops is difficult for tiny hands to do alone–parents/guardians need to be present to help small children!

$10/hoop (6-hoop minimum)

Handmade Dance/Fitness Hoop (premade by MOV Hoopla)

$30/each (no minimum; must pre-order)



  • $85 deposit required to book party. Includes $25 non-refundable booking fee.
  • Please email movhoopla@gmail.com to request a booking inquiry form.
  • Additional information about refund and cancellation policies will be sent with booking inquiry form.